A due diligence platform for Fintechs facilitating effective collaboration with financial institutions

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What is FIN5LAB?

FIN5LAB Offers due diligence and integration services. Fintechs or financial institutions can choose from a variety of due diligence checks depending on their needs. The options vary from a due diligence questionnaire to full scale testing on the connectivity, robustness, scalability and security of the Fintech solution connected to the FIN5LAB environment. For integration, the Fintechs connect to a core banking sandbox environment from Temenos.

Our Platform:

A trusted standard for pre-evaluation of Fintech solutions enabling financial institutions to optimise their procurement process.

FIN5LAB for Financial Institutions

  • Facilitate faster and more robust procurement process
  • Lower resource costs
  • Deliver more efficiency and agility
  • Expedite implementation
  • A credible standard for due diligence and testing

FIN5LAB for Fintech Solution Providers

  • Provide credibility to facilitate institutional sales
  • Reduce “time to cash” to help manage cashflow
  • Reduce resource costs in the sales cycle
  • Drive faster implementation of solutions
  • Help identify potential barriers to sales and implementation.

Coming Soon:

Regulated and secure private environment to meet the highest of institutional requirements and provide a trusted solution to conduct Proof of Concepts (PoCs) hosted by Telindus in Luxembourg utilizing Cisco server technology to meet the specific outsourcing needs of financial institutions.

Work with FIN5LAB

We're still in beta and are working with our first pilot clients. We plan to be ready to accept projects in Q2 2019. If you're interested in joining our pilot please get in touch with us.

How it Works

The review process for Fintechs begins as soon as you submit your request.
The first step is to contact us and submit some key information about your organisation and how we can get hold of you, as well as the due diligence/testing package you are interested in.
You will quickly receive confirmation that FIN5LAB has received your request.
Your application will be assessed by FIN5LAB to ensure suitability.
Agreement on terms, process, and output.
Where applicable, we will schedule any necessary on-site visits, and provide access to the Temenos T24 sandbox via the Marketplace developer platform.
You will receive an appropriate due diligence or testing letter on completion of the assessment.


We will collect key company information, such as existing clients, revenue, and requirements.

On-Site Visit

As a part of a more intensive due dilligence process, we will conduct an on-site visit.

Integration into Temenos T24 sandbox

We will connect your solution to the Temenos T24 sandbox, hosted in a secure and compliant environment.

Due Diligence and Testing Packages

Select your desired service package:


Base Due Diligence


Base Due Diligence
On-Site Visit


Base Due Diligence
On-Site Visit
Access to the Temenos T24 sandbox


Base Due Diligence
On-Site Visit
Temenos T24 sandbox integration
Custom integration into the sandbox through Lux-based private cloud environment

Get in touch

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